With over 90,000 customers on its books and north of 350,000 Instagram followers, the London-based, internationally-sold, blog-turned-brand Places+Faces was set a fresh challenge this summer: how to keep transmitting its trademark globetrotting content when globetrotting was all but impossible?

The answer, said co-founder Imran Ciesay via WhatsApp, was to harness the reach of that pre-existing community. “The community is the key: staying in contact, gathering and building, and focusing on the online when online was the only place we could be.” Along with his partner Solomon Boyede, aka Soulz, Ciesay upped the rhythm of Places+Faces’s delivery, dropping what the brand calls essentials—“cozy homewear stuff, for any occasion”—every two weeks, and found that the locked-down audience was responsive. “So we’ve been pretty fortunate,” he added. 

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Courtesy of Places+Faces

Now, though, the brand is poised to deliver its fall headline collection. Like all P+F productions the plan was to shoot on the road: The original location was Tokyo but COVID-19 changed things, and the team diverted to Belgrade in Serbia. “We were very lucky that we have good contacts there. A friend of mine, a DJ based in New York, has family there and I’d visited with him very briefly about five years ago. I thought it would be cool to go back because I haven’t seen much about it—I think it’s a place some people are still a little afraid of—but there are no threatening vibes and the people are amazing.”

Patchily maintained aircraft, brutalist housing projects, and the house of his Serbian friend’s grandparents are amongst the backdrops for a collection of in-house designed sherpa jackets with complementary cord pants, varsity jackets, reflective down jackets, and a raft of seasonal t-shirts. It was a collection Ciesay said he’d co-designed while hunkered down at a cousin’s house on the outskirts of Copenhagen, enjoying a suburban slowness and the chance to tweak his fabrications and design motifs down to the last detail. 

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Courtesy of Places+Faces

Source: vogue.com